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Always be a person

Watch. Then we’ll klatch. If I want to stump someone during a training, I’ll ask a client to tell a story about her organization that stars only individuals—no task forces, institutions, partnerships, etc. Oh, she’ll get uncomfortable. Professionals are accustomed to talking about their work in terms of groups. Everything is “us” and “we.” Totally get it for organizational overviews. Totally don’t recommend it in storytelling. Humans are more relatable than institutions. This ad is a great example on several levels. Besides being clever, it represents an organization…

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Objective versus impact. Don’t get ’em twisted

Every protagonist needs an objective that is to scale. I recently worked with a fabulous university communications team that ran into a very common problem with storytelling. They started their stories with wonderful protagonists (often faculty or students doing impressive work) but by the time they drafted the objectives of those stories (what the protagonist could humanly achieve) they were thinking too big for the story. They were conflating the objective with impact. Objective and impact are different. If you…

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Everything Isn’t a Story and That’s OK

Have you noticed that the word “story” has become a buzzword? Every few days, I hear someone use the word “story” when he or she is actually describing something else. Stories have their own requirements, benefits, and effects, which are not better or worse than other mechanisms. But to share something other than a story, you need different components. You also get different results. Story is just one way to structure content First, let’s look at the classic—the story. A…

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Walk Your Talk (Or Fly It)

We’ve already talked about naming relationships in stories, creating obstacles, and telling our own stories. Now, in the fourth entry of our series about storytelling, let’s talk about how to deliver on what makes your organization special. Surely your organization has many positive characteristics going for it. The key is to pick the characteristics you most want to spotlight and show them in play. This approach is all about quality over quantity. You’re gonna have to prove it Almost every…

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