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Oops, my protagonist is a token

The other day I heard a story in a workshop starring a “35 year old woman.” Of the thousands of characteristics or quirks the newbie storyteller could have given her, he chose gender and age and left it at that. It was trouble. There was no way to attach to this vague outline of a person and the whole room told him so. It was an easy mistake to make. Don’t let your characters sound like perps in a police report.…

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How to check your stories for bias

Collection of Barbies working in the sciences

The shopping holidays are coming, so let me regale you with the greatest toy I ever had. And show you a video about a robot. And tell you about a cool scientist. Ok ok ok. And I promise to tell you how to check your stories for bias about your values. The greatest toy of all time When I was about six, I saw the most incredible I-have-to-have-this-I-will-do-all-my-chores-without-protest-please-please-please-I-will-die-without-it toy. This treasure was a portable, dual-sided Barbie studio and office. Plastic…

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How to tell diversity stories at work

Lilly Singh debuts on NBC with talk show and diverse point of view

Let’s think about how to tell diversity stories at work without creating tokens. Oooh, and then you’ll put headphones on and watch your new favorite talk show host brickity-break it down to a sick beat. But let’s be mullet about this and start with the business up front.  Diversity is good for business and for stories Lots of future-facing companies talk about how a diverse workforce gives them an edge and there is proof that it does. And let’s be…

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Diversity and Tech

Thank you for crafting your stories at the storytelling session with me during the Diversity and Tech Pre-Day at Microsoft Ignite 2018! If you’re here, it’s because you want to take your storytelling to the next level—so let me help. Here are five posts to help you keep advocating for yourself: Want a raise? Tell the right kind of story. Don’t make a long story too short When to fake it with your stories Oops, my protagonist is a token…

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