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Use story to control people’s emotions

Youch. What an aggressive title. The first thing to get straight is that you can influence your audience but not control it. If you try to control it, your story will be contrived and the audience will think more about the terrible storyteller than the failed story. But let’s not shy away from emotion. We all have that friend who tells us about his argument with the unreasonable hot dog vendor who was stingy with the onions and things escalate and yadda yadda this is the…

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Snickers, Samhain, and your holiday stories

Snickers bar broken in half

Is free stuff ever free? Snickers announced it would give away one million fun-size bars in time for Halloween via Part of the stunt includes a petition from 2018 requesting that the government move the date of Halloween. It’s now about adding a second Halloween—a full trick-or-treat day for “self-expression.” All of this seemed weird to me because of Samhain (I’ll explain) but then again, companies often separate marketing narratives from the nuances of history. Story and history are not…

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