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March 2016

best practices self-advocacy

Until you make a decision, you have nothing at all

For goodness sakes just pick something. And stir up some trouble, wouldya? Most of the stories we write for work are about true events that already happened. But sometimes we have to write about something yet to pass, like a vision. Or we’re sharing a hypothetical to explain a possibility. That’s when we have to decide what the protagonist will do. Oh so many options. Oh so much analysis paralysis. Stop worrying about the right choice and just make one, preferably something that causes a rumble. Read this pep talk from…

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character selection

No one likes a pitiful protagonist

Deadpool is refreshing because there are no sacred cows. A few tropes sure: hero (or antihero? who cares) who seeks revenge and a British villain and this girlfriend…I won’t spoil it. The point is some storytellers use a heavy handed justification for why the protagonist is going full speed after his objective. I MUST AVENGE HER! I MUST PROVE THEM WRONG! DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO MY FACE? I like how Deadpool doesn’t bog us down with it. Ok, maybe I have a little spoiler below.…

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