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A strong casey from Mr. Spacey

Oh, Kevin Spacey. He did it again. He gave a speech and the audience was smitten. At Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio, he talked about how conflict and authenticity are essential to good stories. Agreed. My favorite point, however, applies to the world of marketing:

“The audience doesn’t care about the platform—they care about the content.”

Heck yeah. So many clients get excited about podcasts, billboards, Twitter, etc. as if those tools make their messages more intriguing. Create some good content, choose the tools your main audiences use, then adjust the format—not quality—of your content. If your stuff is authentic and enticing, your audiences will share it. They might even send it around via platforms you don’t use.

Check out some more on the speech he gaveAnd no, it doesn’t matter that it was in 2014. The Usual Suspects is from 1995 and it’s still dope.

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