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Always be a person

Watch. Then we’ll klatch.

If I want to stump someone during a training, I’ll ask a client to tell a story about her organization that stars only individuals—no task forces, institutions, partnerships, etc. Oh, she’ll get uncomfortable. Professionals are accustomed to talking about their work in terms of groups. Everything is “us” and “we.” Totally get it for organizational overviews. Totally don’t recommend it in storytelling.

Humans are more relatable than institutions.

This ad is a great example on several levels. Besides being clever, it represents an organization (Epuron) as a human and their commodity is anthropomorphized to boot. Inspiring, yes?

Make them like you first. Then they’ll want to know you better.

I like Epuron for introducing itself/themselves this way rather than the expected, “Epuron is one of Australia’s most successful wind farm developers. It has developed the highest yielding wind farm, largest wind farm, the largest number of wind farms, and the largest number of wind turbines in NSW.” The statement is credible, impressive, and totally uninteresting to me. I don’t care about wind power in Australia. If they had introduced themselves like that, I wouldn’t forward you their video and definitely wouldn’t visit their site. But I did both. Bravo, Mates.

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